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intonation charts
give information about the register size and the absolute positions of the tone holes. They may show options for corrections. We offer you the opportunity to create an intonation chart of your instrument - it is best, of course, if you come to us and perform the measurements under our guidance.
The illustrations above depict the intonation curves of two very different clarinets and an oboe. On the left you can see the mostly balanced curve of a modern clarinet, which has already enjoyed a series of intonation corrections.
The rather uneasy-looking diagram in the middle belongs to a historical clarinet, which of course clearly falls away in the intonation compared to the instruments commonly used today (but experience shows that even some instruments manufactured today rather deliver such a result ...).
The picture on the far right shows the curve of an oboe, it is quite representative of modern, professional oboes. It does not take much expert knowledge to realize that there is a lot going on here. A fundamental rethinking and reworking of oboe's traditional architecture is therefore one of our great goals for the years to come.
The intonation measurements thus not only represent an analysis of your current situation, but we can also make precise suggestions for improving them based on the results and, if desired, implement them.

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