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In our workshop we pursue the goal of questioning 
conventional ways of thinking and solutions by observing 
nature and the holistic view of things and, if necessary, 
finding more satisfying alternatives for us.
In the course of time, numerous ideas and new 
developments in many areas of instrument making 
have come into being.

Starting with the 'Neue Deutsche Klarinette (NDK)', a clarinet that features completely new 
mechanical and technical solutions as well as integrating a healthy physiology of the musician, 
through our 2-layer silicone quartz resonance pads (QRP) and the complementary leather pads 
with carbon fiber and silicone core (CfS) to the installation of grenadilla guides, bushing of the 
keys and much more at repair and new construction.

All this is characterized by resonance optimization, an area in 
which the diverse influences on the body vibration are examined 
and possibilities for targeted manipulation were sought and found. 
The new acoustic models based on vortex physics provide the 
framework and the basis here.

Why is that important to us? The music is a wonderful 
opportunity for us humans to express ourselves and 
bring multicolored emotions to a wider audience in public.
The detour of this self-expression via a musical instrument
requires that the instrument subordinates itself without 
resistance to the intentions of the musician, and that it 
adapts to his creative will.

This starts with a feel-good ergonomics (which has an effect on the design of the ring keys) and finally 
leads to the now indispensable sound enrichment as a result of a far-reaching instrument body. 
Anyone who was able to feel which sonic potential in their own instrument can be awakened by simple 
changes will irrevocably want to follow the path of the music becoming more and more free, be it in 
classical music, folklore, klezmer, pop or jazz.

Neubau - Reparatur - Entwicklung - Resonanzoptimierung
Clarissono Holzblasinstrumentenbau
Stollengässle 6
75387 Neubulach

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